Our vision for 2020 is entitled, “Room for More”. What does that mean?

Well, our goal isn’t merely to have a bigger building. We’re not just aiming for a larger congregation. God has transformed lives at Ascension, and He continues to transform us into a unified family, working together as ONE for His goodness.

As we continue to worship and fellowship as ONE family, we want to make Room for More of God’s children to dwell here at Ascension, that they may experience that same transformation. This is what our 2020 vision, Room for More, is all about.

Let’s make room for more joy, more community, and more Christ. Let’s make room for more salvations, more baptisms, and more healings. Let’s make room for more of God’s continuing story of goodness in our church family, because there is a story being told at Ascension. It’s a story of how Jesus rescued each of us and is continuing to change us. It’s a story of grace and transformation.

We don’t ever want the size of this building, or this campus, to limit our story. Let us band together as ONE family and ONE church, displaying the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way we just can’t by ourselves. God tangibly loves us as our Father through our church family, and telling YOUR story just might add to the family you already know and love.

This year, we are looking to tell 200 stories, and these stories will be told by YOU! So… what’s your story? How can it be told to your brothers and sisters? And more importantly, how can it be used to transform someone else’s life?