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Your Light Has Come

9 January 2022

Scripture: Luke 3:15-22

Israel’s fate seemed dark in Isaiah’s day, but he provided a vision of the future: God would shed on them His glory and light, bright enough to attract other nations with their wealth and treasures. Likewise, until it dawned on Saul/Paul, God had sent the Messiah only to Israel. But Paul’s ministry was to bring to light for everyone the mystery of Christ, that the Gentiles be partakers in the Gospel. The Magi saw a physical light in a certain portion of the sky and realized they should find the King it announced. And now our light has come, the light of God’s love in Christ shining in our hearts. Today is a day to celebrate that God has left no one out of the Gospel message. We thank God and tell one another and all we meet, “Your light has come.