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Whoever Does the Will of God

6 June 2021

Scripture: Mark 3:20-35

“Whoever does the will of God, He is My brother and sister and mother,” said Jesus. What is the will of the God? That all people would come to the knowledge of the truth in Christ and be saved by His mercy. Faith is the will of God and family is the fruit of this faitha people united in Christ’s death and resurrection by Baptism. A house divided cannot stand. We know this to be true in an earthly sense, but it is an eternal truth. We belong to the Lord, not just in part but in whole. God was even willing to own our sins to restore us from Satan and his dominion. What keeps us from this wonderful identity and this future is only this: our refusal of God’s mercy and our rejection of His work to save us. The goal of God in all that He is doing is faith, for by this faith we are made one with Him and are united together as His family, the Church.