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The Story of Your Life

We know a lot about some of the people in today’s Readings. We could write a typical biography of Ruth, for example, because we know her family’s names and even that she was an ancestor of Jesus. Last week we learned that Timothy, the addressee of today’s Epistle, had a Christian mother and grandmother, and is now a young pastor. But all that we know about the leper who thanked Jesus in today’s Gospel is that he was a Samaritan. Yet that is sufficient, for only through his faith in our Lord was he truly saved, not from leprosy only, but from his sins and his sinfulness. He was ready to live in thanks and praise of his Savior and ours. What’s the story of your life? We were dead in sins but now are alive in Christ Jesus. May God strengthen you to share His love as the story of your life continues to unfold.