The Kingdom of God is Like a Seed

13 June 2021
Scripture: Mark 4:26-34
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Though much is made of the smallness of the mustard seed, the focus of Jesus is on outcomethe plant that becomes large enough to give nest and shade to all the birds of the air. The kingdom of God seems small and even irrelevant in the face of large problems, challenges, and problems of this mortal life, and yet it is the kingdom of God that is great. God gives to us the forgiveness that makes a clear conscience, the life that is stronger than death, and the joy that is greater than every joy this world can deliver. In this way, the small seed makes for a great plant, large enough for us to find refuge and a home in its shade. How the kingdom of God grows may seem part of the mystery, but we know that it is a seed planted in the good soil and fed and nourished by God’s grace to the day when the harvest delivers us into His presence forevermore.