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Enriched by His Poverty

27 June 2021

Scripture: Mark 5:21-43

Are you rich or poor? Some people answer that question by checking their finances and others by considering how popular they are. Christ was rich in the glories of heaven but became a poor and despised human being. He did so that we by His poverty might become rich, joining Him in eternity. In the meantime, the Epistle encourages us to thank God by sharing whatever blessings He has given us. Moreover, both the Old Testament Reading and Gospel make clear that we need to keep in direct communication with God, who has given us all we are and have. He will hear our every word, for the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. Indeed, both Jairus’s fervent prayer and an unnamed woman’s desperate touching of Jesus’ robe were both answered by our Savior. We have the ear of almighty God! We are rich indeed!