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Called to Tell the Truth

4 July 2021

Scripture: Ezekiel 2:1-5

When Israel was in exile,God called Ezekiel to speak for Him to tell the truth to Israel. The Lord made no promises about results, but at least the people would recognize that a prophet had been among them. After His hometown did not believe His Messiahship, Jesus still sent out the Twelve to the surrounding towns. Not only did He instruct them about what to do or say,He also prepared them for rejection and how to respond to it. Now it is our turn, as we are called to tell others the truth about sin and grace.But we might think we are not up to the task. Here,Paul is our model, for he was well aware of his limitations, including his thorn in the flesh.Rather than keep silent, he spoke and wrote, confident that God’s power was made perfect in weakness. Our worship is a reminder that above all else, the truth reveals God’s great love for us in Christ