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Bakes, Shared, and Served . . . Himself

8 August 2021

Scripture: John 6:35-51

Most food we make, purchase, and use has a shelf life. Some longer, some shorter, but at some point, we know goods expire. This is especially true with bread. When not used in a timely manner, bread dries out, hardens, and even molds. How different is the bread Jesus teaches of, the bread that is Himself. Continuing in John 6, He teaches the people what He came to provide, which is Himself from heaven. In our worship, in our reception of His Means of Grace, in our prayers and praise, and in our daily lives, let us rejoice in the Bread that lasts for our needs of faith and forgiveness, that we, too, may continually “taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Psalm 34:8).