A Righteous Shepherd-King

18 July 2021
Scripture: Mark 6:30–44
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An old Jewish prayer begins, “Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe.” To call God “King” is to acknowledge Him as the highest ruler over all. Earthly kings never created the subjects of their rule out of nothing as has the one Creator God. So much higher and more exalted than any earthly sovereign king is God. In the Old Testament, God gave His people kings for their nation. But unlike the rulers of other nations, Israel’s kings were to rule in God’s name and after His heart and will and word. They were to rule God’s people like shepherds tending sheep, like David of old. Few, however, were faithful to their calling. Through a king named Zedekiah, God both condemned the former faithless kings and promised the future righteous Branch of the great King David. In our Gospel lesson, we see Jesus, God’s Son, having compassion on people as a shepherd has compassion on the sheep. Because of Jesus’ blood and righteousness, you have a King that cannot fail. He cares for you and will deliver you safely to your eternal home.