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April 9, 2020


In this unprecedented time, fear is being fed to us through the news and other various media sources. As one family through Christ, we need to be feeding our faith and not our fear. We need not give Satan another platform to cause disruption on what is already a time of difficulty for worship and devotion to our Father.

In line with our 2020 theme, “Room for More”, we encourage you to share your stories of faith during times of fear. Whether that is on social media, through a phone call, or if you’d like to record a short story and send it to us – all of it will matter to those who hear and absorb the encouragement that you will provide.

While we are not all wordsmiths, sometimes the best way to share our faith is done in a simpler approach. Share some encouraging song lyrics, an inspiring blog post, or a book or devo that is known to bring you peace during a time of uncertainty. Any of these can appeal to the hearts of others.

Let us make “room for more” faith that can be shared to our brothers and sisters, giving them the strength to move forward as we all press on together.

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